Alpina B3S TCU Gearbox flash for E46 (E39 and E53 untested)

Do you ever tried to flash Alpina TCU to your M54 car and wondered why there is no flash ZUSB available?
It's quiet simple, there is just no flash available (except alpina Z8 version).

Typically, an Alpina B3S M54 TCU EGS looks like this:
Alpina b3 gs8.60.4

It's a GS8.60.4, a lot of other BMW cars use this kind of TCU/EGS. Like all M54 engine based cars with automatic gearbox.

Tested and confirmed on E46, all other cars are currently untested.

Features of Alpina flash are:
  • better/faster shifting
  • shifting at higher rpm under full load
  • a way earlier closed torque converter clutch
  • a good manual mode (no S mode anymore)
  • it just drives more sporty

  • I had a Alpina EGS recently and analyzed it, i finally managed to make a flashable file out of it!

    What do you need for updating you TCU EGS to Alpina flash?

  • WinKFP working (with working GD8604 folder)
  • INPA compatible cable
  • You should also be a little familiar with WinKFP and ZUSBs already

  • HowTo update to Alpina using WinKFP

  • Download this flash file: A7529033.0DA
  • Copy 'A7529033.0DA' to GD8604 folder, typically 'C:\EC-APPS\NFS\DATA\GD8604', overwrite the existing file
  • Open WinKFP, click Configuration and disable 'Test Checksum'
  • Now connect cable to your car
  • Click Comfort Mode/Komfort Modus, enter ZUSB/ZUSB eingeben
  • enter '7529032'
  • now continue with programming in WinKFP, after updating program (0PA) and data (0DA), you should be ready to go!
  • You may need to clear codes and reset adaptations in TCU/EGS
  • Have fun!
  • If you like it, feel free to make a donation for this hard work.
    Greetings, Jan.

    Full Alpina B3S EGS GS8.60.4 29F200BB file, EEPROM Programmer 29F200BB

  • Download full eeprom file, read with external programmer: Alpina B3S EGS GS8.60.4 29F200BB.bin
  • Note: This file is byte inverted
  • You can desolder the 29F200BB from your TCU/EGS and burn it directly to it
  • Full Alpina B3S EGS GS8.60.4 file 29F200BB inverted

  • Download full eeprom file, inverted: Alpina B3S EGS GS8.60.4 29F200BB inverted.bin
  • I think it's also possible to use BMW Scanner or other direct Tools to write this file, but this is untested
  • This is a full readout in correct byte order like BMW Scanner would do